Korean Beauty Tricks for When You are Low on Time

Women in Korea are taught how to properly care for their skin from a young age. Mothers, aunts and older sisters all teach us how to keep our skin healthy and flawless. With today’s busy lifestyle, it is sometimes difficult to do the whole ten-step skincare routine. On days like that, we take a few shortcuts that still give us great results. Our tricks for beautiful skin will make you glow.

Exfoliate with a washcloth. The trick for fighting wrinkles? Use a washcloth soaked in hot water to massage your face every day.

Essence between moisturizing layers. Koreans believe that essence is the key to keeping all the nutrients in your skin. Apply a layer of essence after your first layer of moisturizer and then seal it with the last layer of moisturizer.


Steam massage in the shower. The massage will improve circulation and give you a dewy complexion. Use circular motions that start from your forehead to your jaw.

Blurring hides imperfections. Blurring is a method used by Korean women to cover up things they want hidden. They use a combination of cover-up products to blur the imperfections away.


Charcoal sheet face masks. This is a great way to detox and exfoliate your skin with very little effort. Apply and leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes while you relax. Easy as that. Walmart even sells it.

Enhance your lips. If you enhance your natural lip color your complexion will already be more vibrant. You can also make use of lip oils. These oils give your lips the necessary nutrients and also add some color.


Drink Barley tea. Korean babies are given Barley tea to already start caring for their skin. This tea is filled with antioxidants and increases blood flow.

Sleep with a mask. While you sleep is the best time for your skin to rejuvenate and renew its cells. Help the process along and relieve your face of a few years by using an overnight sleeping mask.

Try some of these tricks and see how easy it is to get great-looking skin with minimal effort.